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Record Cleaning Kit

Record Cleaning Kit

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This Cleaning Kit contains two of the most important cleaning tools that any collector will need; a Pro-Ject Brush It record brush and a Clean It stylus brush. 

Keep the dust off the surface of your records with our Brush It, a carbon-fibre brush that is both lightweight and durable. When dust collects on the tip of your stylus, wipe it clean with the Pro-Ject carbon-fibre Clean It stylus brush.

Brush It

record cleaning brush - plus audio australia 

This carbon fibre record cleaning brush is disrespectful to the dirt and dust that creeps into your collection and wrecks your records. With lightweight carbon-fibre bristles, a gentle sweep of the Pro-Ject Brush It will clean out the fiddliest parts of your records grooves to make your vinyl sparkle again. 

Run the Brush It recording cleaning brush over your records each time you play them to minimise dust and debris – not only will your records sound better and last longer with regular care, that’ll help keep your stylus clear of build-up too, so it can happily trace the grooves and deliver the best possible sonic experience.


Clean It

project stylus cleaning brush for your record player

Use the Pro-Ject Clean It - turntable cartridge stylus brush to keep your stylus clean! Your stylus, also commonly known as the needle, picks up every last bit of fluff and dust that might be trapped in the grooves of your record collection. That means the stylus gets clogged up, and you hear less of your favourite albums.

Gently clear away the debris with this carbon-fibre stylus brush so you don’t miss a single note. Keeping your stylus clean also helps it last longer, so it’s a win-win!

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